First of all, I would like to notice they have quite fast delivery service. The very next day after the order I received my parcel. I managed to install it by myself and it took about half an hour. I’d like to point good performance gain as well as much better drivability. My vehicle behaves more smoothly and now it shows much better response. First gear jerking has vanished. I have also recommended this RSchip to one of my friends for his Mitsubishi.


It is real deal I should say! Today I’ve talked to electrical technician in order to installed it to my car. I think it took not more than 15 minutes, and everything was set up. I’ve noticed that my vehicle is completely different! Though my Acura used to soar with 236HP engine. Throttle delay has vanished, and now it behaves much better, I'd say, more like a car should. Concerning fuel economy, I’ve nothing to say yet. I’ve just driven only 100 km. But it’s good thing! I even cannot say anything negative against the RSchip.


Subaru Tribeca 3.0i. To tell the truth, I don’t even believe in magic. However, after little time, I’ve realized a simple thing – this device actually works! I attached this box known as RSchip. So, I'm not sure about other people's opinion, but I was able to feel changes. Now my vehicle performs much better at lower RPMs. Besides, gear shifting as well as towing have improved. The same thing's with fuel consumption. It's dropped by one liter. I have Subaru Tribeca and this chip seems to be quite appropriate and nice alternative. It’s up to you to decide whether to purchase it or not. Some of my friends driving Toyota did it after my recommendations.


Lexus LX570 (2010). You know, my car has a very big appetite! One of my mates advised me to buy RSchip. In fact, I was quite reluctant to believe that such box is able to help me somehow. I had two weeks to make a decision (according to money back guarantee). And after six days, I’ve already noticed that fuel consumption lowered by two liters! By that time,I’ve driven 420 km. It is very impressive!


Jeep Cherokee 3,7 (2007).I have always applied OBD-tunig in my cars. Thus, I could unleash full potential of the engine, which may often be hidden by the manufacturer. It wasn’t easy to find good firmware for Jeep Cherokee, that’s why I’ve made a decision to try and purchase the RSchip. And you know what? After installation, I managed to feel power gain, though I was said the biggest power gain potential would be reached after 200 km. Now it drives much better, and the results are quite satisfying. It’s also wonderful to save fuel consumption. By now, my driving along with fuel savings is just incompatible!


Opel Vectra C 2.2 (2003). I have ordered 2 boxes: the first for my vehicle, the second for my son’s. After ordering two items, I was given quite good discount. It was actually a nice surprise. Before the trip, I wired the RSchip on Opel Vectra C 2.2 (2003), which has manual transmission along with 195 thousand km. The initial average consumption of fuel was about 6.7 liters per 100 km. During that time there were just two of us in the car, besides, the trunk was absolutely empty. There was also a couple of things on the backseat. When we drove almost half way to our final destination, I suddenly felt significant increase in power at lower RMPs. What was interesting is that on our way back the car was loaded. Nevertheless, fuel consumption stayed almost the same as in the case of empty vehicle. Before I installed the RSchip, it showed different figures (almost 7.8 per 100 km). However, the key thing I’d like to notice is the greater towing at lower RPM range.Earlier, when I intended to outrace somebody, it was necessary to shift to the fourth gear. And now there's no need to do this. The vehicle gains speed much faster. In my opinion, my car’s got smoother and more responsive. In general, I may say, I’m quite satisfied. I am not going to contemplate whether this device is worth its money by saving on fuel consumption, as it’s stupid idea. The benefit I more concerned about is the effect of increased towing at lower RMPs. Respect to manufacturers and developers.


Kia Ceed 1.6 (2007). I own Kia Ceed diesel starting from 2007 and I’ve driven 175 thousand km. No complaints about my vehicle: 11 seconds to achieve 100 km (max speed is 200), besides it doesn’t require much fuel. Driving cycle totals 5.5 l/100km. When my son grew older, he began talking me into boosting the behavior of our car. We made a decision to do OBD tuning. So, we ring round almost all local workshop, but they seemed kind of sketchy. The majority of OBD tuners were ready to tune my vehicle’s engine though they didn’t have enough experience in the work with diesel engine. Their working hours were another obstacle. They aren’t open at the weekends, while I’m always busy during the week. That’s why I started looking for an alternative, without overwriting ECU. I am not sure how I’ve chosen RS boxes. After getting and installing the device on my own, I drove about 150 km. When we checked the acceleration, I was very surprised. It took 10.3 seconds to achieve 100 km/h. After 850 kilometers, we needed only 9 seconds. Now my son is satisfied with the result. However, fuel consumption's still the same. All the rest is fine so far. Great thanks to developers and manufacturers for an opportunity to stand out on a background of a dull flow of other vehicles.


Positive thing was fast delivery. I installed the chip myself. I should say stepwise installation’s clear enough. The RSchipwas calibrated in four minutes. I felt smoother performance of my transmission with better response. Now it works as if it is manual. The acceleration got quick, while throttle response showed its best. Then, when I switched “Sport mode” on, acceleration became even higher. That’s why I’m much happier now! I hope fuel consumption'll finally drop. Now it is 10.6 liters per 100 kilometers, in the ruralit totals 8.4 with speed of 110km/h. I’m very thankful to developers. I would recommend RSchip for those, who own the same vehicles with automatic box. Time to take your vehicle out of sleep mode has come!


I’ve been looking for an appropriate power box for quite long time, because it’s not easy to find anything worthy for Toyota Land Cruiser, like I have, with petrol engine. When I installed it, I was informed that it might take around 200km to feel the full power of the chip. Then, I really felt significant changes! It drove smoother, and the car showed more responsive performance, mostly in low and medium RMPs.


I purchased the RSchip 2 months ago. It was really hard for me to install it. However, I finally managed to wire my power box, and it took me 20 minutes. I was able to feel the differenceafter upshifting from the 2nd to the 4th. Primus began gaining speed faster than before. No jerking and lagging are noticed. That's why my engine’s nice thing to work with.


A friend of mine told about the RSchip. He actually made up my mind and I ordered it. My parcel was delivered very soon. For me, installation was fast and easy enough. There is a good step-by-step manual, which is well-written. It provides comprehensive guidance for everyone. After the installation, my Opel got even more responsive, especially at lower RMPs. Besides, there were no throttle delays. Km per liter thing doesn’t matter for me. This purchase lives up to the expectations. Many thanks to RSchip team!


For some time I doubted whether to buy the RSchip or not. So, I finally decided to try. I attached and calibrated it in accordance with the manual. And I was able to feel it immediately!What things changed: acceleration got smoother, towing got greater. It usually happened at 2700 RMPs, before it reached the range of 3500. After more than 100 kilometers, the chip stopped operating. So, I had to pull over. I turned off the engine and took out the chip. Then, I put it on standby mode. After a minute or so I powered my vehicle up again – everything turned to be working. I haven’t checked fuel consumption yet. But I’ll keep testing RSchip. I'm going to share my experience soon.


Before installing the RSchip, I had to apply Power button in order to increase general performance and drivability. After the installation, the drivability got better than ever before! Automatic gearbox of my vehicle works quite smoothly, no lagging is noticed at all! It actually works! Nevertheless, I have not checked fuel consumption by now. I’m still looking forward to see how it plays out. There exists no special evaluation to check HP and Torque power. The only service I can go to is situated far from my where I am. However, some people remain skeptical about it.

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