The RS-Chiptuning can save up to 10% of petrol per 100 km! For example, a car equipped with 50-liter fuel tank will have additional 150 km of driving. So you will visit to the fuel station more seldom!

The main idea of ECO-tuning:

Installation of RS-Chiptuning leads to high torque values achieved at the relatively low frequency of crankshaft rotation. That is why you can shift to the upper gear earlier. The fuel consumption is more significant when you vehicle accelerates, and in a case of movement with constant speed you use less fuel. You have to remember that many issues influence fuel consumption. The most important are:

  • Specifications of your engine and type of transmission
  • Driving habits and stereotypes
  • Outdoor temperature, humidity values and atmospheric pressure
  • Parameters of tire and wheel size

Benefits from ECO-tuning by RS-Chiptuning

  • No data change in the electronic control unit of your car.
  • The engine security system does not trace RS-Chiptuning and shut itself down
  • The positioning procedure is fast and not complicated (it will take about 15-20 minutes)

Advices for fuel economy:

  1. Regularly check the level of air pressure in the tires. Remember that they always have to be inflamed properly, as it is written in your guide.
  2. If your tires are old, the car will often need more fuel.
  3. Drive carefully at small frequencies of crankshaft rotation. Provide extra load to the engine only in a case of real need.
  4. ‘Madcap style’ of driving leads to extra fuel consumption.
  5. If you know that the stop will last longer than two minutes, switch the ignition off.
  6. Remove bicycle rack, additional trunk or other devices of such kind, if you do not need them already.
  7. Any additional weight increases fuel consumption. So check your car and get rid of everything that is not useful anymore.