Certainly not! RS-Chiptuning leaves no sigh of its presence after uninstallation. It also does not change any data in the ECU (as it happens in a case of re-mapping).

No. RS-Chiptuning does not affect maps of the fuel consumption in the ECU. It just substitute them with its own values such of fuel injections’ opening period and some others and changes the power characteristics of the engine. RS-Chiptuning makes no influence to any other indicating, handling or safety systems. However, we recommend you to check the oil level in the crankcase and safety belts prior to positioning RS-Chiptuning.

No specialized knowledge of mechanics required to install our device. As a usual, it takes about half an hour to get everything done. You can watch the procedure in details in the video on our website. Animated calculator of wiring schemes is also available there. Of course, if you are not confident, you should ask specialist to install RS-Chiptuning. Any car electric in your local area will do this with pleasure.

It takes about 200 km for RS-Chiptuning to provide self-calibration. If you have already driven this distance and there is no improvement, just make recalibration of the unit. It is also necessary to recalibrate RS-Chiptuning in a case of any problems with electrical supply (low/high voltage or after battery replacement).

There is a strong correlation between fuel consumption and driving pattern of every particular person. The main reasons for absence of fuel saving are:

1) You have driven the car with RS-Chiptuning installed less than 200 km (the device may need this distance to make self-calibration and begin to work properly).

2) Additional power provided by RS-Chiptuning has influenced your behavior on the road changing it into more aggressive one. Once you get used to the improvements of your car, the fuel rate will decrease.

If all these two conditions are met, but still there is no effect, you should recalibrate the unit according to detailed instructions written in the manual.

Yes, of course! We are able to send our device worldwide. In a case if you live in Europe, the delivery is free. Please, select the country of your location in the special field, while ordering RS-Chiptuning.

We pay much attention to the issues of your financial safety and use PayPal system to get money for the order.

We have close an old cooperation with UPS, so as a rule we send our orders with the help of this service. In special situations, we can ship the order by other parcel company.

With no doubt, you can test RS-Chiptuning on your vehicle. If the functionality of our device will not suit you, there is always a possibility to return it to us. We guarantee a full refund of money. Unfortunately, our company cannot compensate shipping and handling prices as well as any taxes paid for the purchase.

Do you still have any questions? Contact us!