The majority of information about chip-tuning is provided by specialized companies.

The procedure of chip-tuning aims to improve vehicle characteristics by changing operation commands from car’s electronic control unit. This can lead to growth of engine power and torque or to fuel saving increase, depending of the owner’s demand.

Mechanics use two main ways to provide chip-tuning:

- Addition of the new electronic control unit

- Change (overwriting) of the information in the existing ECU, which is also called remapping.

Addition of the new ECU

This procedure is not complicated and can be provided by anyone, who is familiar with wires and screwdriver. After the installation, the additional unit works in cooperation with vehicle electronic operation system. It changes the signals, which come from different car sensors and, on the other hand, can sometimes adjust the handling sequences from the ECU to various units of the automobile .This leads to increase of engine’s power and vehicle performance. Additional ECU does not rewrite or delete any data from the main ECU. It neither does not alarm electronic protection system and the “Malfunction Indicator Light” indicator does not appear on the dashboard. This type of approach also provides no risk of damage to the engine. The control protocols in the main ECU are not overwritten and the warranty of the vehicle remains valid.

Installation of the new control protocols to the ECU (so called “remapping”)

During this procedure, specially trained technician replace data into the ECU with new optimized operation programs and reference tables. To do that, he needs to make a connection between ECU of your car and personal computer through the special interface called OBD port.

One of the most attractive thing in the remapping is the opportunity to change or cancel maximum speed limit of the car. Sometimes the newest, well-optimized software, installed by remapping, can provide even bigger power and torque increment, than it is possible with the help of additional tuning boxes.

Remapping weak sides

Turn off of the car’s electronic protective system results in impossibility to prevent harm to the engine. Majority of new vehicle models have mechanical protection against remapping, so during this manipulation, technician may just broke fragile electronic on the circuit board and you simply will not be able even to switch on the ignition.

Some negative aspects of chip-tuning come out only after more or less long period of time, and you will not notice them right after the manipulation. It’s a well-known problem, but as a rule chip-tuners prefer to keep silence and not to mention this unpleasant fact.

There is also another problem, which is connected with the presence of special contra-tuning systems on the wide spectrum of new car models. These software or hardware components can determine the fact of ECU remapping even after the recovery of the original data. Once your dealer finds out about ECU data change, you will lose the warranty.

Our company pays much attention to the safety of your car and prefers to improve engine characteristics without problems with warranty. In order to meet these conditions, we provide chip-tuning with additional electronic units.