Advantages of cooperation

Low possibility of financial problems

We will work with great pleasure with little vehicle repair companies as our dealers.

Warranty and post-sale support.

We are glad to offer post sale-service of our product. Our company understands the wishes of clients to test RS-chiptuning in everyday use. We provide the possibility of refund throughout two weeks to meet this condition. It is also possible to make a free exchange of device during this period if there is any problem with RS-chiptuning you have bought.

Easy marketing due to well-known brand name

There is lots of information about RS-chiptuning in the internet. Our product has very recognizable brand name and you can check it by yourself, just type “RS-chiptuning” in the request field of any searching engine web page. Furthermore, our device among the chip-tuners.

It is very simple to begin

The first order can contain only just three boxes.

Well-organized delivery system

We are concerned in choosing the fastest and the most trustful delivery companies, It means,, that we provide quick and safe logistic.


Exclusive authorised dealer of Asia

Cheung Kee Tyre Trading Limited
2-10 Whitfield Road, North Point, Hong Kong SAR
Tel: +852-2499 2928