Warranty, conflict adjustment and return opportunities

Our warranty lasts for two years!

In a case of RS-Chiptuning malfunction, just remove it from your vehicle and post it to us.

You can freely return your unit during two weeks if you do not like it

We provide to you an opportunity to test RS-Chiptuning on your personal car. If our device do not meet your demands, you can get your money back. You should pay attention to the fact that our company cannot compensate shipping and handling prices as well as any taxes paid for the purchase. To return RS-Chiptuning, you need to contact us during two weeks from the date of delivery beginning. To do this, you should call or email to our office. In a case if our device is returned with no damages and in its natural condition, we will transfer the amount, which was paid, back during seven business days.

- It is very important to position RS-Chiptuning in literal accordance with the guide, usage of scotch-locks is obligatory.

- During removal of RS-Chiptuning, do not tear or cut any wires, just dismount the scotch-locks.

- Never install our device by connecting the wires together without scotch-locks.

You must pack RS-Chiptuning in the original and clean wrapping. In a case if any of conditions, mentioned above, is not meet, our company may refuse to send the money back. We appreciate your understanding.

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