When somebody characteristic his car, he usually does it with phrases like: “I have a diesel car” or “I’m an owner of petrol automobile”. Sometimes you can hear that the engine of the car is equipped with turbine. Ordinary car drivers do not often use words like “naturally aspirated” or “atmospheric” engine. Nevertheless, the majority of cars on our roads use atmospheric engines.

The atmospheric engine is one of the first types of internal combustion device, which was invented about century and a half ago. The fuel in such engine is mixed with air in the special unit (carburetor or on new car models injection receiver) and then this composition goes to the cylinder and combust, providing energy. It is important to notice that the technological scheme does not include any device providing additional pressure to the fuel mixture, so the concentration of oxygen in it is the same as in the air. Atmospheric engines are widely used in automobiles. This is caused by following facts: they are reliable, have predictable behavior and do not cause big problems during maintenance because of simple and well-known construction.

Procedure of atmospheric engine chip-tuning can lead to improvement of performance in the range between 10 and 20%. There is no opportunity to bigger increase of power, because of limited concentration of the oxygen in the air. Turbines of the turbocharged devices can solve this problem by compressing the air and increasing the amount of oxygen in the fuel mixture. That’s why such engines are more powerful than atmospheric ones of the same volume. Nevertheless, even 10-20% increase of power is a significant and can be easily felt by every driver providing additional advantages on the road.

The main benefits from chip-tuning of atmospheric engine include quicker response of acceleration pedal and increase of dynamic. Your car will also get extra torque in low frequencies of crankshaft rotation. In addition you will not get bothered about performance turning the air conditioner on.

After purchasing RS-Chiptuning for chip-tuning you automatically will get a warranty for two years, and your new car, if you decide to buy a new car, our device can be easily reinstalled on it. Another important thing is that positioning of RS-Chiptuning does not break your car warranty!